Welcome to our Community Sports Platform. An innovative digital platform designed for regional coaches and community sports clubs.

The Community Sports Platform makes it simple for regional sporting coaches to fully automate their day-to-day business: from running a pro shop through to online bookings and payments. The platform makes it easy to take on the management of tennis courts/local facilities by automating the online booking of facilities. Local users benefit from having more access to their local sporting facilities through an easy-to-use secure online booking and payment solution.

Our platform also provide coaches with the opportunity to grow additional revenue through a ready-made wholesale eCommerce business, with direct access to premium products (at wholesale rates) to augment income from their coaching services. 

With Covid-19 now under control, there is great demand for sports-led regional travel. Our platform enables local communities to promote sporting events (from small one-offs to large events) to bring in more visitors to their region. Our platform enables local businesses to operate with cashless payments and we are one of the first software platforms to offer fully automated Covid-19 contact tracing for events.

Our Unique Features

Easy-to-Use yet Powerful

Built on the #1 eCommerce software with   enterprise-grade capabilities

Court Bookings

Easy-to-use, mobile-friendly  booking workflows with cashless payments

24x7 Pro Shop

Add eCommerce  revenue streams  and automate  processes so you can spend more time out on court

Marketing  Events

NEW! Create boutique events that are Covid  compliant (with QR check in/out) and cashless payments


Working with experienced regional coaches and local communities, we have designed a completely fresh digital platform to cater for the needs of regional sporting coaches and their local communities. We see this as the digital bridge between sporting fans and their local communities.

The Community Sports Hub is a fully integrated digital solution to meet your community's sporting needs. Ever wondered how to play on that empty tennis court? Our platform helps your local community with improved access to local sporting infrastructure with secure payment and protection for your facilities.

We will build a personalised website for each coach/club, powered by the #1 eCommerce software in the world. From day 1, your website is fully integrated with our unique Wholesale eCommerce, Sports Management, Online Booking and Event Management modules. Our solution offers seamless operation with digital registrations (via QR code) for Covid-19 contact tracing compliance.

Our platform is designed to foster and sustain local community sports clubs and local coaches around the world. Whether it is to find and book a court, join up to a social tennis club, or looking to finding a great coach, our platform covers it all.

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Gain access to your local club's courts, competitions, curated products and coaching services.

Support your local sports clubs and sporting coaches by booking local sporting facilities and purchasing premium products from your local pro's eCommerce shop.

  Social Competitions 

We make it easy for everyone to create their own local competitions and local events in a safe and responsible manner.

Our platform makes it easy to organise and manage local  competitions through contacless  payments and event registrations.

Time to Book!

Itching to get back on the court? Book your local court now.

We have a quick and easy-to-use online booking solution: just select the time you want, pay securely through contactless payment (PayPal) and you will receive the combination code by email and SMS. You are now ready to play!

  Bringing visitors to Regions

 Our Event Management module is designed to be flexible and caters to promoting local sporting events to bring visitors to your local  communities. Visitors can book their accommodation as well as other regional highlights along with a weekend game of tennis.

Never Miss Out!

No matter where you are, stay up to date with your local venues

Euroa Under 13's

Inaugural tennis tournament! Free Lunch 

Pop Rowe BBQ

Bring your family down to Pop Rowe Tennis School for a sense of community.

 Club Meeting

Feel free to join our local meeting! 

With our platform, our clients and community will stay up to date with what's going on around the community. It's easy for users and it's easy for you. 

Be the digital champion in 

Your Community

Our eCommerce platform helps local coaches augment their regular earnings from coaching with additional digital capabilities. The platform enables you to earn additional income by taking on facility (court) management and retailing sporting equipment. This will allow coaches to continue to foster a love for sports in their communities. Increasing sporting participation at local sporting venues helps the community rekindle their passion for sports.
Our platform helps sporting clubs engage and manage customers and grow sustainable digital businesses. Our platform covers eCommerce, CRM, Accounting, Inventory and POS functions, among many other things

Spend More Time Coaching

Being a coach isn't easy, especially if you want to run a 24x7 Retail store as well as taking on the management of court hires!!! BUT what if we could take care of all those daily chores for you - fully automated and with zero-touch?
Our eCommerce platform automates everything - so your community can now buy the latest gear and have that shipped to their door. We have also fully automated the court booking process right through to payment and security PINs being sent to the user. As for coaching, our coaching system checks your calendar and scans for a free court before allowing students to book that time... we just can't do that last important thing - picking up a racquet and sharing the love of the game with the next generation!

Fully Digital Platform, supports all PC and Mobile Devices

 Securely Hosted on Amazon Web Services

No matter what device you use, or where you are, the Community Sports Platform has got you covered. With cross OS compatibility, you don't need to worry about getting noticed out there. You'll have access to your own website across multiple platforms for your convenience. 

Community Sports Platform Automates Processes


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eCommerce & court hire

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social tennis

Have fun with friends! Missing being on the tennis court? Don't worry... You're not alone. Join social tennis at your nearest tennis centres.

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tennis coaching

Ready to improve?  Whether you're a beginner or advanced player,  find coaches that can elevate your game!

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Working together to build grassroots community passion for sports

Partnering with clients to improve regional communities


Regional Digitisation

  We provide innovative eCommerce and digitisation solutions to regional communities

Pop Rowe Tennis School 

Elevating tennis skills for all avid players. Bringing a passion for tennis back to the region.

Solar Bat

Providing state of the art eye wear for your sporting endeavors